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The presentation of the chain stores “Koketka” .

The first shop “Koketka” was opened in Ufa in 2000.


At the moment the network consists of 15 mono- and multi brands shops from 60 to 130 m², located in the most prestigious shopping centers of the city. There are also our own shops among them.


Six of these own shops are located on the main streets (red lines) of Ufa:

-         Mono brand concept boutique of the French brand Gerard Darel (M. Karima St., 47). The boutique was designed by Gerard Darel in accordance with the corporate style of the brand. It was opened in September, 2011.


- The boutique “Avenue Montaigne” (M.Karima St., 47) offers European premium brands: MICHAEL by Michael Kors, Marc Cain, Laurel, Diego M, Patrizia Pepe, Alba Conde. It was opened in August, 2010.

- The boutique “Koketka-VIP” (Dostoevsky, 68) presents of the following brands: Basler, Devernois, Sportalm, Saint James, Tuzzi. It was opened in 2004.


- The boutique “Koketka” (Lenina, 41) presets German brands: More and More, Oui, Barbara Lebek, Trucco. It was opened in 2002.





- In 2014 there was opened two - level boutique in the northern part of the city (Prospect Oktyabrya, 103). The boutique “Koketka” offers brands of medium price segment: Steilmann, Lebek, Betty Barclay, Lerros, the coats Pompa, Grace Well. On the ground floor there are the collections of past seasons discounts up to 50%.




- In 2017 according to franchise agreement there was opened the 2-nd boutique GLENFIELD (Lenina, 72)


The shops with rented area:

“ART Gallery” located in the southern part of the city, is the center with the High price level. There is the boutique “Koketka Premium” (130 m²). It presents Luisa Cerano, Monari, Oui, Marc Aurel, UNQ, Albana, Grace Well…





“Family” is the modern shopping center, situated in the heart of the city (Prospect Oktyabrya, 34). There are two our shops:


- The concept and design of the boutique “Koketka” has been developed by MTG Handels and Consulting GmbH. The following brands are presented there: Barbara Lebek, Beaumont, Trucco, Bulmer.

- Our second boutique was opened in this shopping center in August, 2016. It`s the brand store GLENFIELD.

“MIR” – is the modern shopping center located also in the heart of the city (Prospect Oktyabrya, 4). In this center we have got 4 shops with different brands:



- The multi brand boutique Olsen/Lebek (90 m²). The collection Olsen, Barbara Lebek are added by the knitwear Hegler, the pants Anna Montana and the outwear  DIXI COAT.


- The concept boutique “Steilmann” (95 m²) presents the following brands: Steilmann, Apanage, UNQ, Mac, Bulmer. It was opened in August, 2013.


- The mono brand boutique “Comma” (58 m²).


- The boutique “Koketka” (50 m²) with emphasis on outerwear and coats (Pompa, Grace Well, DIXI, SCANNDI FINLAND).



The shopping center “MEGA” – the boutique “Betty Barclay” + corner Comma (91 m²). The application for the participation in tender were submitted in 2014 and is positively held in consideration by Moscow in this format. This boutique was opened in May, 2015.





All lines of the brand “Betty Barclay” are presented the Collection, Elements, Outdoor, Noos, and the evening dresses Vera Mont as well.


All the brands presented in our shops are well – know European brands. They have the most sustained the ratio for the style – price – quality.


The assistants of our boutiques have got special trainings. The best of them are taught in seminars by German partners. There is the merchandiser in our staff.


All boutiques of our network is equipped with modern POS-systems with the software “Astor-fashion store”, which allows to manage sales and implement various promotions.


The entire network is a unified system of discounts on discount cards (more than 20000 customers in the database) and the unified system of promotions and sales.


We strive to offer the best, update and expand our “brand portfolio” by new brands that are well – established on the European market and by the best Russian brands also.


Many brands in our portfolio are presented exclusively in Ufa! For example, Gerard Darel, Marc Cain, Laurel, Patrizia Pepe, Basler, Sportalm, Devernois, Saint James, Tuzzi, Olsen, Comma, Alba Conde, Trucco, DIXI, Grace Well, Pompa…


In the season 2014/2015 we have signed the contract with Spanish brand Trucco, which is not presented in Russia yet. But has been already very successfully proven in Europe.


The assortment of our company includes the exclusive collections of premium brand and a youth pret-a-porter, brands in smart casual style, designer and classic clothes, and satisfies the needs of all segments of customers.


We are ready to consider interesting proposals from existing partners and new ones. We always focus on the development and as a result the long – lasting, mutually beneficial and reliable partnerships!


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